Little Lauzati, one of our sponsored children, she is just happy,carrying her toy doll baby. It´s so nice to see the children so happily. Thank you Gabi for given Lauzati a future.


Little Fik say THANK YOU to his Godparents Elena and Josue from UK. He´s very thankful and he always pray for both of you.

02. FEBRUARY 2018

Some of our children say THANK YOU to all their sponsors for paying their school fees, schoolbags and schoolbooks.

And we from the „Team Wama“ say THANK YOU, that you make it possible. Only with all of you, our children have a future. God bless you all.


It was so energetic as our orphanage school children were challenging the near by schools in the region as our children became number one always allowing our children to experience a normal life like others, it has helped them to never look at themselves as abandoned.

Please you are very welcome to inspire and volunteer in Wama Development Foundation.


Easter celebrations are near by, at our orphanage, we celebrate with the children, please take a stride and visit our offices in Uganda, or donate as little as 10 dollars for a plate of food to the children, God bless you this Easter seasons.


Look into the eyes of our children and you will see joy and fun. Would you like to be a part of wama, then visit our websites and see how we work. Support a child and bring hope, joy and a future.



18/12/2016 Christmas party


It was a great merry Christmas party for the children in our orphanage home and our orphanage school, 200 hundred children served and 75 girl children got dresses, bags and sandals. Food was plenty.

Thanks to all our donors, supporters, from Germany, Uk, USA and in Italy, together with those in Uganda.


It was a successful children's christmas party 2016.


Project manager of WDF with OVC Office, helped some of the sponsored children in the foundation to write their christmas letters and cards to their sponsors, it was such a great time,

God bless every one who makes it possible for WDF to support and deliver its services to children and to the community.




Children of WDF, very happy after receiving their sponsor post cards from Germany.

Its always so great for children to feel the love and care. This makes them know that they are valuable, loved and thought of.

 God bless you all people around the world that have a heart of love and care

 visit more of our work in Uganda, germany, UK.




Musota Steven, a child supported in the foundation happy with his post card, sent from his sponsored mother.

You can send items to your children in our foundation any time you feel like.

In germany:





Alfred Akware, very joyous to having recieved a post card from his sponsored mother in Germany.

Join WDF in Uganda today and see how your support will build a child's future, in education, health and morally.





Sister margie is one of our workers in the foundation, in the pictures she gets busy recieving profiles and information of the new orphans who just enrolled in our orphanage school. Being helped by Madam Esther still our worker in Wama Development foundation.





In the picture are some of our ugandan Staff, who do alot to see the health of the orphans and vulnerable children ok at the orphanage school and in the orphanage home,

Its because of these people that your aid to the orphans is beneficial to them.

Wama we go !!!!! Wama we go!!!!!!




Its truly a great thanks to all of our friends who have stood with us at our orphanage. We welcome all our volunteers and friends as we take care of the orphans in WDF, we are sheltering in 80 children who are orphans.



Exams in progress at our orphanage school, we are so glad that God has conitnuously stood with us upto this day. Children are growing in winsdom.

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