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  • We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices. Therefore, we are committed to fulfilling sound, Biblical standards.
  • Our unique ministry involves presenting the needs of God’s people to God’s people, then trusting the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those whom He wants to participate in meeting those needs.
  • We believe that all we have comes from God and we give it out of His hand (I Chronicles 29:14).
  • Because the Lord supplies us with resources for ministry mostly through individual donors, we recognize our accountability both to Him and to our donors. We have a responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices.
  • WDF ‘s sources of financial support are mostly individual donors. Most of them support us financially, and some support us with materials. All of them support us in our goal of reaching Uganda’s widows ,orphans and changing a bleak outcome to a hopeful one.
  • For a list of individual donors (both local and international) and or references (local and international) to our ministry, send us an email at: steven@wdfuganda.org



We understand that as an individual or the member of an organization you are asked frequently to give money. We know that it is important for you that your money is used wisely and effectively. One of the main strength of our projects is that there is very little loss of resources and that you can see clearly the result of your donation. We act directly on the ground with volunteers or paid workers. We don’t have to go through bribes, political contributions or else. Our operations are modest and low-key. We are not one of these organizations using brand new $40,000 four-wheel drive vehicle, or staying in fancy hotels with swimming pools, or buying ultimate technology equipment. A financial contribution of yours can make a huge difference, with results that you can see in the mid-term. You can be an actor in relieving one of the major burdens on the shoulder of Africans. Helping AIDS orphans and widows to access better health care, nutritious food and formal and vocational education is one of the most concrete thing we can do to lifting them out of poverty and thus to giving them more opportunities in the world, which otherwise they wouldn’t have.



  • Meet the Basic needs for children at Wama children`s home.
  • Facilitate the orphaned children to go to school and have a more economically and intellectually secure future. This will also reduce low esteem and stigma, on top of greatly enhancing their employability
  • Empower the families to be food secure, and to meet their own nutritional and financial needs through economic empowerment.
  • Improve the quality of life of the widows and orphans by giving them entrepreneurial skills to meet their needs and alleviate emotional trauma.
  • Sustain and develop the community by meeting the needs of its most vulnerable members through empowering the care groups, the most available, effective and most cost effective (volunteer) care agency they have and can trust.
  • Help in out gospel outreach ministries.


                            HIV/AIDS Orphans & Vulnerable Children

HIV/AIDS provides an opportunity for the Christian church and community to share the love of Christ with those who are suffering from the disease. Your gifts will support programs that provide care to people with AIDS and their families, including home-based care and hospice programs. A $30 gift per month can provide the resources, including food, medication, or hygiene items, to care for one family with home-based assistance.

Whenever a financial gift comes in that is not specifically designed for some other purpose, we channel it to help these orphans by providing school fees, food ,books, supplies and other essential needs. However, we still have a lot of financial worries for the unserved children, especially when school is about to start., Further more, we are initiating a training programme for 116 widows which will last for one year for every one of them who will learn skills like; tailoring, making art and crafts, literacy and computer knowledge, savings & credit management, small-scale business management and administration, group and individual financial management. This will help them to start and manage some small business as a source of income to their household.

Please stand with us as we attempt to show a generation of orphans and widows that there is God who cares about them and love them. $30.00(USD) per month will send one of these orphaned children to school and provide them with food, clothing and other essential needs.


                                HIV/AIDS Medical Programs

With 42 million men, women, and children infected with HIV/AIDS, the medical needs facing mission hospitals and other medical facilities are enormous. Your gifts will assist programs that provide medical care, including medications and counselling to prevent mother-to-child transmission, for those infected with HIV. A gift of $15 can supply medication and post-natal counselling to prevent one HIV-infected mother from passing the virus on to her child.


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