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Throughout Africa, thousands of community-based organizations are addressing the needs of children and families made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. These organizations are strengthening the traditional safety net of the extended family through a range of vital programs and services. Often operating with minimal funding and with a great deal of volunteer support, community-based groups are the frontline response to the needs of children affected by AIDS. Very few funds are reaching this grassroots level.


We invite you to join us in addressing this funding gap, and to become part of our growing network of supporters!

  • Donate by cash, check, or credit card – Wama Development Foundation accepts cash and checks made payable to the Wama Development Foundation ACCOUNT.
  • Paypal onine account to.   steven.hynes@gmx.de
  • Honor friends and family –Make a donation to Wama Development Foundation in honor of someone’s birthday, as a holiday gift, or to highlight other celebrations. WDF will advise the honoree of your gift.
  • Request a company match – Many companies have a corporate giving program that will match your donation. Check with your employer



All gifts are welcome to the address below how ever small it may, it can still make a difference like used clothes can make an orphan look beautiful or even playing materials can make them happy and even reading material and many more other things for children of all ages

                           WAMA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION
                          P O BOX 309 BUGIRI ,EASTERN UGANDA
                                         EAST AFRICA.
                                    TEL. +256703106832


Financial Donation

We are so much blessed by whoever would love to give in financially from $ 30. $50, $100, $ 200, $ 1000 and above  . Make a huge difference in the lives of the orphans.

Transfer funds directly from your account to ours and Tax deducation reciepts are available


In Europe 

 Wama development foundation - Germany 

IBAN: DE 68 5605 0180 0017 1292 89

Or  to Uganda , East Africa 

Wama development foundation 

acc/no.            9030012681290

swift code.      SBICUGKX

Bank.                Stanbic Bank Uganda LImited 

Branch.             Iganga



Make checks payable to: Wama Development Foundation - Germany
Send to: Wama Development Foundation Brunnenstrasse 2, 55444 Seibersbach, Germany 




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