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Wama Football club 

Wama footbal club, this is a soccer team founded within the foundation itself after having identified the youth who were in our foundation program and with the soccer talents , of which many were from the street and being vulnerable , some having been addicted of drugs , we had to take them into much rehabilitation until they were safe away from drugs , Right as we speak, WFC is doing well in the local leagues and all our boys are being taken care of , its with great thanks to all who are getting into the call of supporting the boys with new balls, soccer uniforms , soccer shoes , training trucksuites and the help of acquiring bicycles for their easy transportation from their shelters to the soccer field. 


We hope that in the near by future , God would help us have a soccer van for the boys to easy their transportation to different football matches around the  country . 


19. January 2018

Every day, our children at the orphanage home are realizing some talents in them, Right now we have a Dancing Group of children, they are known as Wama Hophip dance crew.

We believe you will enjoy their video clips on our youtube page and right on here.

These are all orphans who are within the foundation straight out in Bugiri, Eastern Uganda.

19. December 2017 - 1. christmas cup

Today, the Wama Youth christmas cup has started today, this football tournament will end on Christmas day, its purely a youth program, WDF has managed to mobilize all the youth in Bugiri District, eastern uganda, of whom many looked at as a unwanted, from all different addictions into the knowing of Our lord Jesus Christ.  Right now WDF has unified them for a great cause.

 Join us in Wama Development Foundation, as we bulld the youth in the social community events like soccer, Drama and Movie acting.

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