WAMA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION                          (WDF)

Our Work

  • Assessing child welfare needs for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and coordinating resources for their care.
  • Providing psychosocial care to widows and children whose lives have been affected by AIDS.
  • Empowering widows economically through pursuing income generating activities and vocational training.
  • Providing formal education for orphans and vulnerable children whose families are affected by AIDS
  • Sensitizing and educating communities about HIV/AIDS.
  • Providing mobile palliative care for people living with AIDS.
  • Providing spiritual care and support


How do we help in these areas

Community Placement of Orphaned Children


As we identify children that have lost their parents, we trace the next of kin to try and place them there, so as to keep that unique semblance of familial attachment going. In the absence of relatives, we identify families with the capacity to absorb one or two extra children and then place them there.

These families are expected to treat the orphans as though they are their own children, by providing them with whatever their families would: food, shelter, medical care, education, clothing, but above all, love without peripheral qualifications.

WDF now visits these homes twice every month to supervise and ascertain compliance to WDF’s child placement standards.



In the absence of a suitable home for orphaned and vulnerable children, WDF provides a home to care for them as they can meet that need.

Children’s needs are complex and require physical, social, developmental, and spiritual care to raise them with a sense of self confidence and self worth.

WDF Children's Center  currently 80 Orphans children.


Widows Economic Empowerment Projects

In most cases we find, it is women who assume much of the responsibility for orphaned children ultimately.

The income generating capacity of these households is profoundly constrained by numerous dependent children; lack of opportunity to accumulate productive resources like cattle, goats, and farming implements and difficulty in gaining access to credit.

They are further constrained by limited education and training which limits their employability.


Water source project

We are seeking an on going programme of safe water supply, by making a bore hole in the village, to prevent them from the water born diseases.


Health project/Hospital

We are having land where we need support to build a mega hospital for the village people,so we can deal away with the problem of moving long distances from village through a 25 kilometers to where the hospitals are


Education project

We are   building a wama Junior Academy, of which is educating  400 orphans with in 3 villages, that are hit with illiterate and ignorance.


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