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How can I help?
There are many different ways you can become involved in this project every one of them will give you a sense of satisfaction and pride in knowing that your contribution really is making a difference.
Please read our pages and see if you would like to become involved. There are 4 ways you can help…
1st way - Donate a small sum
Every contribution makes a difference - big or small. Each penny that is donated goes to the child it was intended for or to the project donated too
To donate, please go to our Paypal account  via the link below.
Make a donation to our International Bank account in Germany 

 Wama development foundation - Germany 

IBAN: DE 68 5605 0180 0017 1292 89
We greatly appreciate any contributions.
2nd way - Visit WDF and be part of the positive Change 
We are very happy to have you at WDF center  to volunteer with us   this year , We have gaps for volunteers in the administration department, the Elderly project , the sponsorship data collection program , the street kids project , the orphanage school project , the water support team project , the health department , the widows Iga project, the Health special cases program, the save albino children project and lastly the church department 
Or open up charity functions on behalf of WDF in support of the existing projects that need alot of support . 
 We need passionate people like you to spread the message, raise the awareness and organize events .just liking and sharing us on Facebook helps as does sharing this site with your friends, schools and organisations 
3rd way - Sponsor a child
One of the best ways to help is to sponsor a child to give them a better future.
What is my money going towards?
The cost of sponsoring a child is just £30 a month and for that you will be changing a life forever and making a real difference. Your money goes towards:
Education - creating future engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs… the list goes on
Food - fuel for learning
School uniform - to look smart when in the classroom
Health care - prevention and cures from fatal diseases i.e. inoculations
A lasting relationship
You will be able to communicate with the child you sponsor by email. You get communication at least once a term with a report from his/her teachers. You can see some of the lovely letters the children have sent in our gallery.
We are hoping to set-up Skype in the area over the next couple of years, so that you can speak to your sponsored child and see their beaming smile.
You can also get in touch with Steven Hynes  (founder) with any concerns you have - he will always be available. 
4th way - Pick a project and be a donor or start a fundraising 
If you or your company really want to get involved, why not support a big budget project in WDF . For this you will not help just one person but many to better lives.
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